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HJOED is the Frisian word for “today”. HJOED Management is a private company (Ltd) in interim management and consultancy.


Customer satisfaction and flexibility will increasingly determine the success of enterprises. Increasing influence of technique, computerization, globalization and the individualization of civilization, make customer specific customization and personalization more and more become the standards. News today is born somewhere in the world – for example, a new technique – is read by the customer tomorrow. That same customer wants to benefit from the new technique the day after tomorrow. As a result, the life cycle of a production or service process becomes shorter, and therefore also its associated organization. Organizations can only parry this irreversible development with organic flexibility. Organic flexibility is the organic speed to anticipate to external developments (competitiveness). This determines the continuity and sustainability of the organization. Organizations will need to be open and “fluid” – less stiff in structures and processes – and more customer-oriented project organizations.


Effective Supply Chain Management is the key process in organic flexibility. As ‘chain director’ - supply chain management has the aim to optimize the information and physical flows (efficiency) under effective product delivery in accordance with customer requirements. Basic demand for effective supply chain management is a supply chain design with a clear value added objective (prevent “waste”), which suits the product and its service. Added value is the market value of production minus the cost of raw materials, consumables and services of third parties. Effective Supply Chain Management will:

  • ensure successful anticipation to the dynamics in customer requirements;
  • optimize the value chain efficiency.

HJOED Management

works with organizations by facilitating their transition to new concepts and structures and to accelerate their business results. HJOED Management achieves this acceleration by applying interim management and consulting within the Supply Chain Management discipline. HJOED Management brings you:

  • Improved profit position;
  • Streamlined primary process;
  • Clear understanding of the value chain needs;
  • Achievement of project goals.

Make today (“hjoed”) an appointment with us, and discover the value of a successful partnership with HJOED Management BV.

HJOED – accelerates your success!”

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